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Editorial, article, column and story submission guidelines

Editorial and copy submissions are now open!
Please use the link to the Google submission form below.

In addition to the terms and conditions on the submit form, please use these guidelines below.

  • Only submit your own work.
  • If this is an open submission with no assignment, please be sure it is relevant to AI Creative. It can be anything related to AI Art, AI Copywriting, AI Music, AI video creation, AI philosophy, for or against, AI fiction, tips and techniques, prompt crafting, fun mistakes, how to make money with AL, tools and reviews - almost any topic. If a specific topic is needed for an issue it will be posted here, on Facebook and IG. (currently we are looking for AI generated - and author edited - ghost and horror stories. It's foundation must be created using our contest sponsor Please make them between 300-900 words.)
  • You can utilize AI to help write a story. But we are really looking for the personal view. AI can help with grammar, spelling, rewording and a ton of other things. But the story (just like the images) should be you as an author. We can generate AI copy here ourselves!
  • Please keep foul and sexual language out of editorial and articles. It can be used sparingly when called for in fiction submissions.
  • No hate speech, politics (unless part of a larger story - we will judge if it's too much), pornography or anything deemed derogatory toward a group of people or a specific real-life person.
  • There is no compensation for submitted copy. You are submitting for the chance to be published in a professional publication. You will receive a copy of the article, a digital copy of the issue and, if submitting a feature that is accepted, a free one year digital subscription. If you are interested in joining our staff writers for paid assignments please contact us at with your resume and samples of your published work.
  • Copy length:
    1. letter: 50-200 words
    2. Column: 300-500 words
    3. Page, story or review: 500-2000 words
    4. Short feature: 1200-2000 words
    5. Feature: 1800-4000 words
  • Submission MUST be grammar and spell-checked and edited as best as possible. Please note, your submission will most likely be edited for space, content, general corrections, etc. But we want to start with the best it can be.
  • Submissions can be refused at any time for any reason. We will try to reach out with more information. But we can't guarantee a response. We may hold it for a later issue. DO NOT take it personally if your work is turned down in the short-term!
  • AI Magic Illustrated is an English language only magazine. We MAY put it out later in multiple languages. However, all copy MUST be submitted in English. If English is not your first language or if it is translated from another language, we will do our best to read and review and edit if needed and acccepted.
  • If deadlines are posted as a 'hard deadline', make sure you submit prior to that date or the submission may be refused or put on hold.
  • Don't be too 'intellectual.' Everything should be an easy read for the casual viewer. Write for your typical high school reader. Keep it positive as much as possible!
  • Cite your sources and quotes where applicable at all times.
  • Although we MAY accept copy that has been previously published or posted online with proper permission and with cited sources, we HIGHLY suggest sending us first-run content. If you submit something and it gets published in another publication after being accepted by AIMI and before the issue comes out, you risk being banned from future submissions. You will be responsible for any legal fees that may come about in any right to publish situation. If you have a great article and need to revise it to resubmit to us, try Great for creating and selling your AI art too!
  • Lastly, know that YOU are responsible morally and legally to avoid copyright and plagiarism issues. We will not be responsible for you not checking your work. There are many tools out there to help with this like
  • Any other questions or if you think we are missing something: